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St. Raphael,
Patron Against Nightmares
A message for children about St.Raphael, an archangel who assists those who have trouble with bad dreams.

St. Raphael is a protective angel who can help you if you are having problems with bad dreams. 
Everyone dreams. Dreams are something that even scientists have trouble understanding and have disagreements about, but we can all agree that we have dreams because our brains are still alive and working after we go to sleep. When we go to sleep, though, we sort of turn off our control over our brains for a little while. Some people say they know they are dreaming while they are dreaming and that they can control their thoughts while they are dreaming. Since they can control their thinking, they can control what happens in their dreams. Usually, though, people can't control the thoughts they have in their dreams.  For those who aren't able to have control in their dreams, it can be a good idea to get some help, and this help can come from the angel we know as St. Raphael.
When dreams are bad, we sometimes call them “nightmares”. This word came from a belief long ago that bad dreams were caused by a mischievous spirit named Mara who would visit people when they were sleeping and sit on their chests which made them have bad dreams. Because we are usually sleeping at night, Mara who “visited” at night became Night Mara and this is where we get the word “nightmare”.
The story of Mara is a pagan story.  Christians have had different beliefs about nightmares, too, over the ages and because so many people have had horrible experiences with bad dreams, it became important to turn to a saint or angel to ask for help just as we do with many of the other problems we face.  What better saint to ask for help with nightmares than St. Raphael?  
St. Raphael is an angel of God who is mentioned in the Bible. In the Book of Tobit, he is mentioned as having assisted Tobiah on his travels to Media. For this reason, St. Raphael is called upon to protect all travelers on their journeys. Sleep can be a kind of journey, can't it? Even though you are not traveling anywhere with your body, your mind is kind of on a journey when you are sleeping. Since St. Raphael protects travelers on their journeys, it is a good thing to ask for his help when you are going to sleep at night to begin your dream journey.
Another reason it's good to call on St. Raphael for help is that he is known as a healing angel.  In the Bible, he healed the blindness of Tobit by providing medicine for his eyes.  Sometimes people have bad dreams because they are sick and have a fever.  Whether your bad dreams are from sickness, then, or just a "traveling" mind while sleeping, St. Raphael can help you. 

Each person is promised a guardian angel to help him with whatever he may need on his journey of life, but St. Raphael is believed to have been given special graces to act as a protector on journeys and during times of sickness, so before you go to sleep at night, remember to pray for protection from your guardian angel, but if you have trouble with nightmares, add a prayer to St. Raphael, too, because he can protect you from whatever you may be asked to face on any journey whether it is a real and physical journey, or a make-believe one in your mind as you sleep.



St. Raphael the Angel
is patron of travelers, those who have nightmares, matchmakers, happy meetings, lovers, shepherds/shepherdesses, blind people, those who work in the medical field or any healing ministry, the sick (particularly the mentally ill and those with eye problems) and young people.
If you are struggling with bad dreams,
ask St. Raphael for help.
You may use this prayer
or ask him in your own words.
A Prayer to St. Raphael

Dear St. Raphael,

You are known to help
people who ask you
for different kinds of help,
but especially those who
have bad dreams.
Please ask God to protect me
from my fears, be with me when I sleep and help to keep the bad dreams away. 


And pray always to God
for His help
because He loves you
so very much.

Dear God,

I sometimes have bad dreams.
Please be with me when I sleep
and protect me from harm.
Bring peace to my dreams
and help me to not be
afraid when I have bad ones.
Please send your angel
St. Raphael to help me
when I sleep.
I ask this in the name
of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Visit a church
dedicated to St. Raphael.
Archdiocese of Dubuque.
Visit a school
dedicated to St. Raphael.

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